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Here is the context.

Basically, I sold a shopify store under a contract and was paid 30% of the business. The new owner was supposed to pay the remaining 70% within 9 months. They then decided not to pay for absolutely no reason but to try milk the situation and completely blocked me out of everything I gave them access to (shopify admin and business email).

I somehow still can access the store through the shopify app but not as an admin. This is is a truly disastrous situation as that money was supposed to go to the mortgage. Shopify can't help because I'm not an admin anymore and also lost access to the original email. Although I shared the story and showed shopify the documents as a company owner of this business, shopify has been incredibly useless and it is beyond disappointing.

Taking this matter to court in New Zealand where this happened will eventually cost almost the same amount of money that is owing and there is no way to claim it back even if I win the case.


Your help is urgent. Thank you!