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The story behind NOX-BRIDGE began at a watch boutique in the Auckland International Airport, where Nelson Dilimi, our founder, worked and sold high-end timepieces. It was at this boutique where Nelson met his work colleague, Mr. Lorenzen, an ex-navy trained watchmaker. A strong friendship emerged between the two; they would chat whole days about what makes a watch great, and the intrinsic making of one.

In 2001 Mr Lorenzen; a walking encyclopedia in the watch industry, took his passion to grips and flew to Switzerland to study watchmaking with Omega. His long-awaited dream had finally come to light, but this dream was short-lived. Mr. Lorenzen had to come back to New Zealand due to a family emergency at the end of his first year, seemingly ending his lifelong dream. Nelson listened carefully and wanted to tell the untold story to the world, whilst bringing Mr Lorenzen’s faded dreams to life.

Nelson who is a vegan and eco-friendly fashion enthusiast had no idea that his passion for watches would one day become a part of his daily life. Growing up conformed to a common theme – do well at school, get a job, and make a decent living. This was far from reality for him. In 2014, he turned down an opportunity to study medicine in order to focus on NOX-BRIDGE, to bring about a new breed of fashion to the public eye, to push boundaries, and to address his stalling creativity and ambition.

This brought about the name of the brand, where NOX means night in Latin, echoing Mr. Lorenzen’s unfulfilled aspirations. The Bridge portrays the connections of his lost dreams, to the same dreams that are now re-lived with solidity. The combination of the two words NOX-BRIDGE represents Mr. Lorenzen’s journey – portraying hope, teamwork and endurance.

NOX-BRIDGE is a statement, an icon, a movement. It blends ethical and eco-friendly fashion with the art of horology.

Walk with Pride. Walk in Style. Walk with NOX-BRIDGE.